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Favorecido: Easylog Seviços e Logistica Ltda
CNPJ: 03.537.774/0001-44

Banco: Bradesco
Agência: 0330-1
Conta-corrente: 69.459-2

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Customs Clearance

We have different teams for the Export and Import processes for specialized care for each type of operation. We use the most modern implementation and monitoring of customs procedures software, ensuring follow-up in real time to our clients and accuracy of the information. We are strategically located 1 km from Itajaí and Navegantes ports, we also have representation in other Brazilian ports. Through our global chain of agencies, we can also offer customs clearance services to the customs of more than 100 countries.

Major services offered:

Customs Clearance - Export

• Assistance on export through the production of currency, such as: commercial invoice, packing-list, bank bordereaux, certificates (Form "A", Phytosanitary, etc.).
• Sample shipment process - via Simplified Export Declaration (SED).
• Survey of the requirements of the destination country of export, regarding documents, certificates and customs legislation.
• Availability of palletizing and storage services
• Operational Support: Booking-Consultation/Release and Void Withdrawal, Coordination - Stuffing and Stripping
• Release with the Ministry of Agriculture
• Release with IBAMA
• Release with ANVISA

Customs Clearance - Import

• Preparation of cost sheets - nationalization
• L.I. - D.I. elaboration
• Drawback suspension (Green, Yellow)
• Conference/Survey along the authorizing agenciess
• DTA monitoring for dry port and other customs facilities
• Payment of taxes


We offer international insurance of cargo in sea, air, road transportation. Aiming agility in the process, we operate with simplified contracting, the customer simply submit the copy of the commercial invoice, packing list and bill of lading. The coverage is automatically granted at the time the shipment is approved by the client. In case of accident, we perform document management and complete assistance.

Indemnification covers



In imported cargo insurance it is also possible to add the following coverage:
• Expected Earnings (goods for sale or industrialization)
• Taxes: II (import tax), IPI (excise tax), ICMS, PIS and COFINS.

Coverage clauses:

• AIR - All Risk - special clause of war and strike already included.
• SEA - Wide clause "A", special clause of war and strike already included.

• LAND - All Risk - special clause of strike already included.


Main activity developed by EasyLog, sea transport presents an optimal cost-benefit ratio for loads of greater volume and/or weight and not requiring immediate delivery. We have contracts and agreements with all ship owners operating in Brazil, thus guaranteeing our customers the highest amount of weekly market.

Because of the volume of containers we move, we are configured in one of the largest NVOCC's in Brazil, a fact that gives us great bargaining power with ship owners, thus ensuring our clients extremely competitive rates and ensure availability of space and containers on a weekly basis.

Professionalism, dedication and reliability are among the registered trademarks of our services, the result of a select group of professionals allied to a chain of exclusive agencies across the globe. We operate with FCL, LCL and project cargo at any port in Brazil, both in EXPORT and IMPORT.


Operating as exclusive agents of Ceva Logistics, one of the world's foremost providers of air cargo transport services, we have a structure dedicated to serving the air transportation in any airport in Brazil and the world. Aiming a more agile and specialized customer service, we have two costumer service cells, one dedicated to export and the other to import.

We have strong buying power with the major airlines by offering our customers excellent services in hundreds of routes, with flexibility and competitive prices.

We use the most modern systems of global information enabling monitoring of the transport and distribution throughout the process.

Main air services

• Consolidated Service
• Hand Carry • Direct IATA Shipments
• Flexible delivery options
• Airport to Airport, Door to Door
• Loads with special dimensions
• Stuffing and Stripping of cargo
• SCharters Global Service


With over 20 years of experience in container transporting and duly registered in RNTRC (National Register of Road Cargo Transport) we operate cargo at major ports of Santa Catarina with own and outsourced fleet. We also operate with loose cargo and generally have partnerships with transportation companies specialized in super-heavy, super-sized cargo, as well as transport under customs transit (D.T.A.). In Mercosul we serve in road transport through accredited partners, under the conditions of truckload and full load, both in imports and exports.